Scarlett Johansson Gets Fully Nude For “Under The Skin”

Today, images of Scarlett Johansson’s fully nude scene from her new film “Under The Skin” were leaked and we wanted nothing more than to share them with the Break readers.

Here’s image #1.

We know, it’s a bummer that they’re censored, especially with Billy Bob Thornton’s face because, really who wants to look at that guy when you have a naked Scar-Jo in front of you.

[[contentId: 2601890| | style: height:613px; width:501px]]

Not sure how I feel about these images, especially since we’re so used to seeing Johansson with blonde–man, those Billy Bob Thornton heads are pretty distracting.  Not entirely sure why we didn’t just blur the more adult parts and instead use the Best Adapted Screenplay for Sling Blade Oscar Winner’s head.

[[contentId: 2601891| | style: height:588px; width:500px]]

The most off-putting part is it’s really creepy pictures of Billy Bob Thornton, not something where he looked healthy.  It’s the weird, frail era of Thornton’s face where the skin looks to be made of wet tissue paper.

[[contentId: 2601892| | style: height:548px; width:503px]]

I guess the one with the sunglasses isn’t all that terrible, at least his eyes aren’t staring at you while you try to take these images in.  Again, I’m really sorry about this.

Here’s the last image that was leaked from Johansson’s nude scene from the movie.

[[contentId: 2601893| | style: height:413px; width:508px]]

Good God, I can’t take his face anymore.  And why is there an extra Thornton head at the top, he’s not even covering anything up!

[[contentId: 2601894| | style: height:342px; width:481px]]