Scam Artist Tricks Woman Into Paying For Dinner On A Date!

Is it still “a thing” for the man to ALWAYS have to pay for dinner on a date?  Women want “equality” but not when the bill shows up, am I right guys? Well one enterprising fella by the name of Paul Gonzales put this theory to the test when he went on an internet date recently. Having met another date seeker, Diane Guilmette on the dating app Plenty of Fish the pair agreed to meet at a fancy restaurant for plenty of STEAK.

Just wanted to meet a guy for meat.

Diane was delighted to receive a message on the dating app from a man who was sweet talking her into going out. Gonzales invited her to Morton’s Steakhouse in Los Angeles where he proceeded to eat like a god damn king.

Diane told local reporters that the man she had just met ordered up an appetizer, glasses of wine, a steak and a couple of sides. The thing about a steakhouse like Morton’s is that everything is al la carte, you don’t get any bonus French-fries with your pricey porterhouse. This guy was living large. It’s just like that scene in The Wolf of Wall Street where Jonah Hill gets in trouble for ordering “Twenty six thousand dollars’ worth of SIDES!!”

While her date seemed to be really enjoying himself things took a turn when he announced that he would have to step outside to take a phone call. Diane waited for 15 minutes before realizing that her date was not coming back. She tried to message him on the dating app but he had already blocked her. She was stuck with the bill for $163. $163 worth of steak? Dang, is this guy going on an internet date or having an apology dinner with Donald Trump?

After Diane posted her experience to Facebook more women came forward to reveal they had the same experience with Gonzales. One lady who got left with the bill said she had to fork over $100 at a fancy restaurant after he said he was going to the bathroom and never came back.

Gonzales’ dating profile where he lured unsuspecting women into a dine and dash.

So she got stuck with the bill and paid for the meal, what’s the big deal? Well, according to authorities this is not the first time that old Paul Gonzales has skipped out on a check and not just sticking it to some lady looking for love. The 42 year-old from Southern California not only “likes sports” but apparently LOVES dine and dash. The police say that earlier this year he also he ran out on a haircut without paying for it. He is now facing charges in two pending cases of petty theft.

While Gonzales is guilty of running out on the haircut, the question is, would he be expected to pay for the entire meal if he had stayed the entire date? What if Diane had ordered up all of that food and Gonzales was going to do the “polite thing” and offer to pay for it? OR what if he had refused? How many times have guys been “stuck” with the bill!?

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