Girl Suspended From School For Saying “Bless You” After Classmate Sneezes

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on Aug. 21, 2014

Your parents might have always told you to be polite and say “bless you” after someone sneezes. One high school girl in Tennessee found out that this isn’t always the best idea; especially if your teacher has a list of phrases not say in her classroom, and one of them is “bless you.” Well isn’t that special?



During class, Kendra Turner responded to her classmate’s sneeze with a hearty “Bless you!” Afterward, her teacher told her that saying “bless you” was for church and sent her to the school administrator’s office where she received an in school suspension. The teacher allegedly said “we’re not going to have godly speaking in our class”. Bill O’Reilly’s head just exploded.

While Turner says she told her teacher it’s her constitutional right, you know freedom of religion and speech and blah, blah, blah, the school maintains that she wasn’t suspended for using the words “bless you”. Rather, the suspension was handed down because she was being disruptive by shouting it across the classroom. The war of (good) words continued on Facebook, where the high school senior wrote:

The assistant principal said if I didn’t want to respect my teacher’s rules then maybe my pastor should teach me because my freedom (of) speech and religion does not work at their school.

The teacher in question even went as far as to post words that students were not allowed to say in the class. Other words on the “don’t say” list include “Stupid,” “dumb,” “boring,” “stuff,” “I don’t know,” “hang out,” and “my bad.” Maybe the teacher should add “tyrant” to that list. This sounds like such a warm, inviting, educational environment for children to learn how to fear their insane bosses later in life.

"The Bad Words list in the class is some boring stuff." Awwww. I'm telling.

Earlier today we learned about a boy in South Carolina who was arrested and suspended for writing about using a gun to shoot a dinosaur. It used to be that kids could beat the living crap out each other, and as long as no one had to go to the hospital, teachers would respond “oh boys will be boys.” Now you get in trouble for saying “bless you” after someone sneezes. In honor of this young lady’s fight against tyranny, here is a video compilation of girls sneezing…. I don’t want to know why this exists.

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sullyMU User

The girl was kicked out for interrupting the class--didn't matter what she said. Just an overzealous teacher, not an attack on religion.

The other kid put the words gun and "take care of business" in a facebook status that didn't mention anything about a dinosaur. 

Cool-Jon-1 User

society is going down the drain 

Imadethistocomment User

It really doesn't matter what the girl said. She shouted in class. Obviously she was mad she couldn't say "bless you" so she shouted it to get her point across. You could yell "I love school so much" in class and still get in trouble for disrupting the class. I agree she should not have been suspended but you still can't yell in class.

Cao222 User

Society is just failing more and more each year...seriously? This is a story?  Not just that but somebody out there is on a power trip and suspension was completely uncalled for...she wasn't doing it to spite or hurt anyone and even if she was that STILL doesn't justify suspending God, people, wake the f up already.  If saying "Bless You" upsets you then you need to drown yourself right now.

smokified User

Why not let us know exactly which schools these are and post links to their Facebook pages?

joasis User

But it's just fine to say Allah snots you.

Carramrod7 User

Why are we talking about the kid and not about the fact that most of the bitches in that video can't properly cover their mouth?

BCShutterstep User

"I told her that my pasture said it was courteous.."  pastures are known for giving good advice about proper etiquette 

jimbo5252 User

haha 'Muricans... they always go from one extreme to another

niceboy_al User

It's ok to say "bless you", as long as you explain why you said it and what it means, and can prove that your entire belief system represents the truth. Otherwise, it would be no different than saying "May the spirit of Jongbo protect your health" (I just made that sentence up).

RiotSt4rt3r User

You'll find out if you ask the right questions quite a few of your teachers are bat shit crazy. I remember me saying to deny the possibility of aliens was ridiculous based on what little we know of the universe, she however felt that was a direct attack against her religious beliefs.

Adam-Campbell-257 User

wow two in one day america is one messed up place almost as weird as japan

stinkinburrows User

I'm as atheist as they come and I would never try and push my beliefs, or lack there of, on anyone, just as I would not want religious people pushing their's on me, that being said, I don't see this girl saying "bless you" as her trying to push her religion on anyone or even being overtly religious at the time.  It's just a saying a lot of people grow up using, sounds like the teacher is an anti-theist and going a little overboard. 

LawnBuffalo User

If it's on a list of things that you'll get suspended for saying, then shouting it across the room being disruptive, then yes, you should be suspended. She knew the consequences before she did it.  No one has any personal accountability anymore, they blame everything on someone else (usually republicans or democrats).

Gordalinski User

Gesundheit still means "bless you" it's just in a different language.... 

AndrewST User

Fire the teacher....oh, wait, you can't do that; the POS is protected by a Union and a contract....

Ontarioguy User

The conservatives of this world are destroying the globe.

HarryHarpoon User

every time i sneeze i fart. sometimes it's wet.

TheFaz User

FINALLY!!!! It's about time you posted some sneeze porn!

Cheri-Shire-676 User

@sullyMU The teacher had a list of things you weren't allowed to say in his classroom and "Bless You" was on the list. Besides, what do you think interrupted the class more, her quickly saying "Bless You", or the teacher yelling at her and sending her to the Principals office?

Mike-Emmons-39 User

@sullyMU reading isnt your strongest skill is it? the kid completed a school assignment. yes it mentioned a dinosaur and no, it was not on facebook. the assignment was to write something in the STYLE of a facebook status update.

Luke-Cunningham-29 User

@smokified DYERSBURG, Tenn. —Dyer County High School    Of what i found out it was hat high school! Hope that helps 

Michael-Vorobiev-42 User


What is an Atheist??? a person who does not believe in God ??/  haha

look around you you are floating on a round mass in the middle of space... 

im sure you wouldnt beleive that either 


Derrick-Just-Derrick-522 User

@LawnBuffalo Yes im sure it was on a list that they handed out on the first day. If she forgot she should of just looked at one of the many conveniently place thought police bulletins that panel all the walls. Or she should of just told one of the High Chancellor's reeducation specialists her confusion on the rules set by one of her high school teachers. Im sure after only a few sessions she wouldn't make the mistake of using her "Constitutional Rights" (lol I know right) to justify her desire to express herself in a way that may be consider offensive to anyone in ear shot. Honestly what we should take from this is that the best course of action in any situation where we're are not sure if we might offhandedly offend someone is to think about the rules set forth by people older, smarter, richer, and stronger then us. If that fails go with the tried and true method of keeping your head down and following the herd. We wouldn't want any free thinkers out there! Im sure you agree!      

DumbDuck User

@Gordalinski Uhhhhh, no.  Gesundheit means Health, as in wishing them good health.

COHockey User

@Ontarioguy Yeah now that we have become more liberal things are WAYYYYY better huh? 

sullyMU User

@COHockey @Ontarioguy Statistically, yes. Social democracies have the most upward mobility and the happiest citizens. The American Dream no longer exists in America.