Saved By The Bell's Lark Voorhies Stepped Out In Public Lookin' Pretty Bizarre

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Sep. 02, 2014

With Monday's premiere of the Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story on Lifetime, Lark decided to make a public appearance (I assume to get a little bit of press on the heels of the TV movie).

Unfortunately, she decided to coat on the makeup and wear her best uncombed wig.

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I'll admit it, Lisa Turtle was pretty attractive in the Saved By The Bell universe. Sure, people dug Kelly's goodie two shoes style and some dug Jessie's nerd qualities, but I always thought Lisa would be the most fun to hang out with (despite my anxiety about crowded malls). But lately, the actress who played Lisa Turtle has been looking a

From the neck up she looks like a commander on the Starship Enterprise. From the neck down we have The Dude.

Later that day she tweeted this about the Saved By The Bell Lifetime movie. Not surprisingly, she wanted nothing to do with it.

Despite her stance on the show, it seems most people are talking about her brand new look which confuses me as much as anyone else. And frankly, made me feel kinda bad for her. If she were smart, she would've taken a small role as the show's producer or something for an easy check at the very least. But then again I guess that means she condones a ludicrous portrayal of her childhood. Regardless, she's been keeping pretty busy at the LA Farmer's Market where these new pictures were taken.

If you're looking for further updates on Lark's Farmer's Market cosplay, her new website is opening December 3rd if that's any use to you. I just marked it on my calender. Definitely need more of that song.

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source: EOnline, Uproxx


Jon-Holden-590 User

Yeah, the makeup looks ridiculous, but she's still pretty hot.

MasterGeek User

I think she looks damn good. Maybe the makeup and the hair are a shield against the shallows.

Oscuradinoda User

So sad she cannot just relax and enjoy the day without having pictures snapped.  Oh well she still cashes her saved by the bell checks so i guess actors deserve it.

moloboe User

EWWWwwww What!? Too bad, she was always my favorite. Now she looks like I don't even know what

TukerTuker User

making fun of people who are mentally challenged is what break has become.

TopGunTrophey User

Not cool.  She has mental challenges like many Republicans.  You shouldn't make fun of her.

nibble_on_this User

Leave the woman alone. A little research, and you would realize that she suffers from bipolar disease and depression. Cut her a break, BREAK.

TheFaz User

I've never watched Saved by the Bell but I'm aware of its existence. In the clickbait photo that brought me here she looked like good old fashioned jailbait! What happened to her?!?! Homers make up shotgun springs to mind!