Move Over Sharknado, Saved By The Bell Lifetime Movie On The Way

Save the date.  September 1st at 9PM, you’ll want to grab yourself a cold beer, some friends, and enjoy what will probably be the great television event of our time.

Lifetime is currently making “The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story” which already sounds like one of those cheesy tabloid books that think putting the word Unauthorized will make it that much more scandalous.  As if these guys were doing cocaine off each other’s trapper keepers or something.  I can’t even think of a general moment during the show’s run most people would be curious about, can you?  Frankly, I’m more interested in the actor that played Mr. Belding.

Here’s a pic of the cast which I’m sure you can easily guess who’s playing who.  From the looks of it, all of them could play Screech.  I can already envision the turmoil Dustin Diamond will experience when he’s just so sick and tired of being called by his character’s name by fans in his local mall.  He’ll run into a department store to hide out, wishing it would all just end.  Of course, he would then realize he’s in the women’s department, throw on a dress so he could leave said mall unnoticed.  Just spitballing here. 

Better than working for Disney.

It’s reported that the show’s original casting director, Robin Lippin, was brought back to find actors similar to the actors she found in the 90’s, and their counterparts.  I guess that’s supposed to give the movie some sort of clout, when we all know this will probably be hilariously bad.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a biographical TV movie was made that stunk to high heaven.  There was this VH1 produced Meatloaf movie that was so bad, it made me want to Bat INTO Hell.

Of course we can’t forget how great the Elizabeth Taylor Lifetime movie turned out with Lindsay Lohan in the role.  Cleopatra, more like CleoBADtra (I’m conforming to the cheesiness that are these tv movies here).

But I’m thinking the Saved By The Bell TV movie will be more along the lines of this “Growing Up Brady” TV movie that came out in 2000, where the actors, get this, tried cigarettes!  That’s some dirty laundry right there. 

Kaley Cuoco had to get her start somewhere.

Long story short, I think this Saved By The Bell thing will be a real doozy to check out.  Also looking forward to Lifetime’s “Double Dare” biopic where Marc Summers ate too many twinkies in one day.

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