Satanic Children’s Book To Be Distributed To Florida Schools

It seems that not only do devils and demons live in Hell, but also trolls. That’s because the people at The Satanic Temple are trolling, hard. In response to a Christian group in Orange County, Florida, distributing bibles in public high schools, they are planning to distribute a satanic themed children’s activity book. Well isn’t that special!?

In order to make it legal to let the church distribute Christian literature, the school board (after a lengthy legal fight) had to agree to allow other religions and non-religious groups to distribute their material as well. Something about the constitution and separation of – blah, blah, blah. The Dark Lord’s pointy ears perked up at this opportunity and commissioned The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities. You can download the whole book here!

You may have heard of these supposed Satanists earlier this year when they trolled the Oklahoma State Capital building by erecting a satanic monument. That was in response to the OK state legislature OK’ing a Ten Commandments monument. Similarly, they wanted to protest equal treatment for other religions. Also they are now selling coffee mugs:

What do you think? Is this the appropriate response to religious material being passed out in public schools?

Maybe while they are there they are at the schools, The Satanic Temple can have a Slayer Pizza party!

Can you complete these satanic activities?



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