This Satan Sculpture Made From Sand Is One Big Mountain Of Gnarly

Sculptor Ray Villifane has his work cut out for him on this one. Normally, the artist works with all types of mediums including squash, pumpkins, wood and vines. But it’s this demonic sand sculpture depicting what looks to be a two-faced Satan cowering with his collected souls that really showcases the man’s talent for all things ghoulish. Seriously, this is nothing short of amazing.

Since the post made to Imgur had all of the images connected, I’d hate to ruin the experience of seeing this beast come together so enjoy the scroll. It’s a long and fun one.

We’re unsure how long it took Villafane to finish this masterpiece from start to finish, but one can wager it took a few days if not weeks. Even the wood base looks to have been an operation all on its own.

Definitely head over to his website to check out more (and much smaller, but still cool) work Villafane has completed. He even offers 3D pumpkin carving tutorials on DVD as well as carving tools in the case you’d like to take a crack at pumpkin carving yourself. He makes it look so easy, I might have to buy a set

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source: Imgur