The NFL Just Hired Its First Full-Time Female Referee

The NFL is making their first female referee a full-time employee. Sarah Thomas will became the first woman to referee a NFL game and now she will work for a league full-time as a sideline official.

The NFL didn’t issue an official confirmation but the Los Angeles Times reported that “the league has informed current officials that seven men and one woman have been selected as new hires for this season, contingent on them taking physical examinations.” This is after Thomas enrolled in the league’s development program for new officials in 2013 and her training camp assignments as part of her training regimen. So it seems like she’s on her way to actually becoming the first woman to officiate a regular NFL season. It sounds like she has a pretty thick skin for anyone who wants to be a referee and she’s going to need it when she goes to the big show. There are some fans that will keep petitioning the UN to put football referees on the UN’s list of global enemy combatants.

This is a major step for women’s equality in sports. It’s taken the NFL, and sports in general, a long time to bring more women into the game but this could be the first of many steps towards achieving such a lofty and noble goal. Finally, women will be able to miss obvious penalties and make calls that will make you question their ability to see and hear just as often as the other male refs on the field.

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source: Bleacher Report