“Santa” Pays Off $50K Of Walmart Layaway Bills

Last week you might have seen a video report of an anonymous good “elf” paying off $20 thousand dollars for all of the layaway accounts at a Toys R Us in the Boston area. Now it seems that the Christmas spirit is alive and well in Pennsylvania where someone only known as “Santa B” went to the Silver Spring Commons Walmart in Mechanicsburg and paid off more than $50 thousand dollars in layaway accounts for total strangers. Looks like Santa Claus won’t have to “skip” any houses this year.  

Many people got the layaway surprise just in time this holiday season. One customer, Brittany Coeyman said that she was considering dropping several items they had on their account due to lack of funds, including a bicycle for her daughter. Thanks to “Santa  B” she can ride away from Walmart, care free. Here the store manager explaining what happened:

Some people are wondering however how “Santa B” knew almost the exact amount to pay off for all of the layaway accounts when he cut the personal check for $50K. The store insists that this was not an “inside job” with some conspiracy Grinches quick to claim that it’s all a big corporate publicity stunt. One commenter wrote:

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Conspiracy or can something just be good for once?

However we can’t be sure that the “Layaway Angel” in Boston and “Santa B” in PA aren’t part of the same merry making team.

What’s the weirdest thing you ever put on layaway for Christmas?

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Source: ABC 27 

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