Dude Named “Santa Claus” Has Won A Seat On The North Pole Alaska City Council

Alaska just got way more awesome. Or insane, but still pretty awesome. After the ballots were counted to elect a single person into the six-seat city council for North Pole, Alaska, the townspeople finally found it’s victor. And his name…is Santa Claus.

Originally Claus was given the name Patrick O’Connor which has more of a St. Patrick’s Day feel to it which is a little awkward if you live in the North Pole. So, with being as jazzed about the holiday season as anyone could possibly be, O’Connor legally changed his name to Santa Claus and of course started dressing like him to boot. A big black gold buckled boot to be specific.

I mean, if you’re living in the North Pole, someone’s gotta do it, right?

The good thing about this Santa Claus instead of the one who spends his time eating cookies while making elves do all of the work is he has a background in serving the people of North Pole long before his recent win. He actually served as the President of the Chamber of Commerce, which actually seems like more of a step up than being one of six people on a city council. But I guess that’s what makes people named Santa Claus more of a team player than the rest of the world who would rather open presents rather than give them.

The question though is how long will the whole “Hey, I’m Santa Claus! No really, that’s my name! Like my red coat I wear everyday!?!” schtick go with the other council members before they tell him to take it down a notch. There’s only so much eggnog a person can drink year round before they opt for the bottle instead.