A Sandwich Thief And Its Owner Have A Conversation With Notes And It’s Hilarious

If you share a work fridge with your other co-workers, this exchange is for you because you know how it is for someting so precious to be taken away from you. You took the time to either go buy your lunch or make it the night before, and frankly, you were really looking forward to it. In fact, you were probably excited about it. And then you realize it’s gone. Disappeared without a trace.

That happened to this employee who decided to leave a note for the madman who took their swiss and rye sandwich. And the culprit responded. The back and forth that then occured is maybe the most riveting conversation about lunch theft you will probably ever read.

Warning: this story does not have a happy ending.

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Probably the best lesson learned isn’t to not steal your coworkers food, but to always stand down when HR gets involved. Always.

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source: MoreFM