People Are Going Nuts Over The Mystery Behind These Flip Flops!

Where were YOU when you when America’s future changed forever? The Kennedy Assassination. The Moon Landing. The Dress. The American people have walked away from many historical moments that left them in shock and awe but nothing compared to the infamous question “What color is this dress?”  bewildered people were asking their friends and family on that day in February of 2015.

Well now the dress has evolved into a NEW form: a pair of sandals.

Right when you thought it was safe to go back into the internet.

Are these flip flops white and gold, black and blue, gold and blue, blue and brown, or a fifth answer, who gives a fuck! Of course many of you will choose option number 5 but personally we are seeing black and blue. I mean, you’re obviously a freak if you’re not seeing black and blue. Please tell us you’re seeing black and blue!

However if you are over the whole “What color is this THING” phase, that’s not stopping people from freaking out all over again across the internets because of the varying answers depending on who you talk to.

Regardless of your answer, the good news is you now have the perfect outfit so you can descend into madness in style!

In all seriousness though, what color sandals (or flip flops) do you see??

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