San Francisco Woman’s Mummified Body Found In Hoarder Home After 5 Years

Every time police find something horrifying in a home that’s been there for years, the neighbors describe the person who knew it was there as some quiet loner who always seemed to be hiding something. I found a story that doesn’t exactly break that stereotype but it includes a truly horrifying discovery for a neighborhood in San Francisco. 

“House of horrors” would be a generic caption right?

Police and fire officials said that a mummified body of a 90 year-old woman wrapped in a blanket has been in the house on Fourth Avenue for at least the last five years. The house was going on the auction block and the woman told her attorney about its trashed condition so they sent a cleaning crew to clean it out before it went on sale.

She was a “keep.”

Cleaning crews started emptying the home when they came across the body. City officials are still examining the home to see if it can be salvaged and the district attorney’s office is trying to determine if criminal charges will be filed against the daughter.

The unidentified 65-year-old daughter of the dead person (don’t expect us to make any “mummy” jokes here) lived in the home and told police that she knew about the body but wouldn’t explain why she didn’t report it to the authorities.

You might need to Febreze the place if people need air tanks to enter your house.

Apparently, she’s an extreme hoarder (Understatement of the Year Nominee for 2015) and officials who entered the home had to clear away piles of garbage that reached the ceiling. They also had to wear gas masks because the smell made it impossible to breathe. Once inside, they found the mother’s mummified remains and 300 bottles of urine that the woman had been saving. In her defense, California is in the middle of an extreme water shortage right now.

Source: LA Times