New Development in San Diego Promises Robots for All

Photo: Jamie Scott Lytle (not including robot)

There are plenty of hilarious stories dating back to frontier times of “what’s to come!”  the city of the future that never quite gets built, the neighborhood of tomorrow that will solve all of our problems, invest now before it’s too late!

I’m not saying the Lilac Hills Ranch Project is one of these crazy ideas that will never amount to anything, only that it sure reminds you of one when you hear the details.  See, right now, the land is basically orange and avocado groves.  Looks a bit like the wild west that had some landscaping done 4 years back.  The plan is to turn 600 acres into 1700 homes, which is a decent sized community.  But hey, those exist everywhere, why should we care about Lilac Hills?  Because robots, that’s why.

The development company plans to use a network of robots to make life as easy as the Jetsons.  Robots will carry your groceries home from the store and walk your kids to school.  Robots will ferry you about the community on their robo track because robot robotics robo tech robotnik.  Who cares at this point, it’s already gotten a little ridiculous.  Robot childcare?  Come on now.

The plan includes a virtual rail system where you use your phone to call for a pod that arrives on a track and takes you where you want to go.  Think of a weird amalgamation of how people got around in Jurassic Park 1 mixed with Jurassic World.  Only no dinosaurs, maybe.  Hard to say, maybe they’ll add them later.

They didn’t get into the specifics of what happens if you’re walking down a trail with groceries and someone is coming the other way or is going the same way but faster or how any of this helps your kid get to school in a safe way, unless the robocompanions that walk your kids have tasers or something, but that can all be sorted out once you’ve invested and the place is built.

Remember that show Arrested development?  Good show.