Texas Hotel Offers Complimentary Nicolas Cage Pictures Upon Request (PHOTOS)

A recent guest of the Hotel Indigo in San Antonio was on a business trip for three days when she decided to take the staff’s hospitality to an entertaining level. Requested through Hotel Indigo’s texting service, Imgur user FreePsychicReadings asked the concierge for a photo of Nicolas Cage. The funnier part is they delivered without question.

The hotel guest decided to keep the joke going, so the following day they asked for a picture of Nicolas Cage, specifically from the movie Moonstruck. Again, the hotel provided.

On the guests last day, they made one final Nicolas Cage photo request. A picture of Cage from 8MM.

Perfectly enough, a photo of Nicolas Cage from 8MM arrived taped to the guests television.

After an entertaining stay, the guest was packing up to check out that morning, until she noticed a bonus picture she hadn’t requested taped to the hotel door.

A photo of Nicolas Cage from Vampire’s Kiss hoping she enjoyed her stay.

So the next time you have to go to San Antonio, Texas, stay at the Hotel Indigo Riverwalk. Ramon at concierge will hook you up with whatever random request you might have.

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source: My San Antonio