Rise Of The Machines: Little Girl Almost Dies Because Of Cell Phone

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Jul. 25, 2014

We knew electronics sometimes heat up, but who knew they could actually kill you?

This 13-year-old girl was asleep with her Samsung Galaxy S4 sitting next to her when it began to over heat and smolder under her pillow. She says she woke up once in the middle of the night when she thought she smelled something. Barely awake, and thinking nothing of it, she fell back asleep. In the morning, she realized the source of the smell could've burned her face off. If the fire didn't do the job, asphyxiation could've really made matters worse.

What apparently happened was that phone's battery had swollen up in the middle of the night to a point where it caught fire. The battery was actually a replacement, and not one of Samsung's. Nevertheless, Samsung does come with a warning about not covering their products with bedding or thick clothing, which seems a little insane when you think about where phones usually go: your pocket.

I wonder what Samsung considers thick clothing. In my opinion, blue jeans would fall into that category, which I think most people own, if not continually carry their phones in. Unless they assume we're all carrying our cell phones in fanny packs with the zipper open. Come to think of it, that sounds pretty stylish! Regardless, Samsung consumers have complained about similar issues in the past, so really the signs were already there. Apple investors just clicked their heels.

Maximum Overdrive taught me to never trust anything mechanical or electronic, but we still have yet to truly learn our lesson. Next time, let's all lock our phones away in a safe and throw it in a river until you need it again. Clearly it's the only way to keep the technology from killing you.


Geoff-Cliff-88 User

"Little Girl Almost Dies" screams the headline. Yes, it MIGHT have developed into a serious event, but did she nearly die? Did she lose consciousness? Did she need hospital treatment? Did she even become breathless? Tell it like it is -"A little girl had a phone that she used wrongly with a cheap and faulty battery, and it overheated." End of story. Lesson learned, little harm done. SHE DIDN'T DIE; not even nearly!

onbreak12 User

she used a cheap chinese battery that cost $5.00 when the official one cost like $45.00 these nimrods think they are getting a deal.

RobJVM User

Little Girl Almost Dies Because Of Cell Phone …and stupid.

petyuriy User

I have Samsung Galaxy S4 and its total junk!!!

DrAnders User

Herp Derp is strong within this kid and parents... Sleeping with phone on or close to head should be illegal in the first place. And everyone already knew that decades ago.....

Bart-Van-Asbroeck-121 User

What a stupid article. A third party crap quality battery failed. End of story. Got nothing to do with samsung or Iphone. A crap battery in an Iphone would do exactly the same. Stop making up your own stories.

swedens User

kids shouldnt have cellphones in the first place

Somehungguy User

The guy who mentioned off brand batteries is probably correct although this can happen with iPhones as well which use decent quality batteries. I recently had an OEM Samsung battery bloat into a balloon shape in an external charger to the point of almost bursting. Lithium ion batteries can be dangerous, got to keep a close eye on that shit.

arkangel2048 User

This is a bunch of bullshit, good hoax people. But really a phone caching on fire because it was under a pillow, hell my phone have be tight in a otterbox for months, this is a scam at its best

vaxbuster User

Cheap  third party chinese battery

sliick1081 User

People are so stupid sometimes...

LostKeys User

October 2013 called.. They said it's time to start posting videos. I guess Break got the memo. 

LawnBuffalo User

@Geoff-Cliff-88 I almost died today.  I was eating a granola bar.  It could have gone down the wrong way, and I could have choked a bit, then panicked, then pulled my bookshelf down and crushed myself.  We need to raise awareness.

think2seconds User

@LawnBuffalo @Geoff-Cliff-88 Men, I understand you sooo much! I smear a small tars form you sad story! ;(  I NEVER eat a granola bar alone! I do this sometime, I feel filthy... Full bar is sooo dangerous, my mummy or dad chew my bar and give me in my mouth before I eat it