Rise Of The Machines: Little Girl Almost Dies Because Of Cell Phone

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We knew electronics sometimes heat up, but who knew they could actually kill you?

This 13-year-old girl was asleep with her Samsung Galaxy S4 sitting next to her when it began to over heat and smolder under her pillow. She says she woke up once in the middle of the night when she thought she smelled something. Barely awake, and thinking nothing of it, she fell back asleep. In the morning, she realized the source of the smell could’ve burned her face off. If the fire didn’t do the job, asphyxiation could’ve really made matters worse.

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What apparently happened was that phone’s battery had swollen up in the middle of the night to a point where it caught fire. The battery was actually a replacement, and not one of Samsung’s. Nevertheless, Samsung does come with a warning about not covering their products with bedding or thick clothing, which seems a little insane when you think about where phones usually go: your pocket.

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I wonder what Samsung considers thick clothing. In my opinion, blue jeans would fall into that category, which I think most people own, if not continually carry their phones in. Unless they assume we’re all carrying our cell phones in fanny packs with the zipper open. Come to think of it, that sounds pretty stylish! Regardless, Samsung consumers have complained about similar issues in the past, so really the signs were already there. Apple investors just clicked their heels.

Maximum Overdrive taught me to never trust anything mechanical or electronic, but we still have yet to truly learn our lesson. Next time, let’s all lock our phones away in a safe and throw it in a river until you need it again. Clearly it’s the only way to keep the technology from killing you.