Was Instagram Right To Remove This Woman's Picture?

This is Samm Newman, a 19-year-old college student in Ohio. She was bullied in middle school and high school because of her weight, until she found a support group online while attending college. Her confidence improved immensely after finding other people with the same confidence issues she had been experiencing, and decided to celebrate with an Instagram picture.

Instagram thought otherwise.

After posting the pic below, Instagram removed the image, stating that it violated their "community guidelines". That may be, but you can't go on any social media platform, especially Instagram, without seeing a half-naked lady (or dude for that matter).

Here's the image Samm posted, which was quickly removed by Instagram's porn police.


After doing some journalistic homework, I perused Instagram (which I barely use myself) to make sure it was as pure as a church pew, and quickly stumbled across blasphemous photos like this one here:

Not Banned.

Yet it remains on Instagram, just like countless other pics depicting thinner women standing in their underwear.

Not surprisingly, this wasn't the first instance of Instagram deleting a heavier woman's picture from their site.  Recently, Meghan Tonjes had this photo removed because the site deemed it too pornographic.


Sure, it's a little revealing, I suppose. But is it really any more revealing than this?

Not Banned.

If you're going to remove one, just remove'em all for, pete's sakes. 

Meghan eventually took to her Youtube channel which has over 179,000 subscribers, to discuss how her butt-shot was removed. So far, the video has 765,000 views. Many commentors actually congratulated Meghan on her effort to speak out against the double-standard Instagram seems to have. Good for her, I say!

Since Meghan's video went viral in certain communities, Instagram has since apologized to both Megahn and Samm for the removal of the images. A company spokesman stated that "when our team processes reports from other members of the Instagram community, we occasionally make a mistake." Their images were then later restored to their account.