This Chaotic Catfight Turned Out To Be About Strippers And Sex

The group of teen girls whose out-of-control brawl ended in gunfire were found to have been part of a ring involving sex and strippers, after one of the girls involved confessed in court. Samarrah Briggs, a teen from Brooklyn who was filmed fighting a group of girls, claims that the melee was the result of a power struggle within the illicit group.

The video, which you can watch above, shows an enraged group of teenage girls slapping, cursing and hitting each other. Eventually, the crowd disperses when Rahmel Ashby, who was a football star at Grand Street Campus High School at the time, fires a gun several times into the group.

Ashby, whose sister was involved in the fight, faces charges of, among others, attempted murder and assault. Ashby’s lawyer questioned Briggs as to the nature of the girls involved in the fight.

“You were setting up a sex ring, and Imani wanted to be the president, right?” Montgomery asked, referring to fight instigator Imani Lewis. Briggs replied affirmatively.

“So she was telling you what to do, you guys talked about getting your butt done, getting boob jobs, talked about prices, what you would charge for certain things, that sort of thing, right?” Montgomery pressed, which Briggs also confirmed.

Investigators uncovered a group text message chain in which Lewis taught girls as young as 15 years old how to navigate the seedy world of online prostitution via sites like Craigslist and Backpage. The messages also confirm that Briggs prostituted herself, admitting at one point to having taken two clients at the same time.

Ashby fired a total of eight shots into the fracas, hitting two of the teenage girls and one man at the scene.


Source: NYPost