Worst Cop Ever Stopped Two Hot Lesbian Babes From Getting It On In Their Car

It’s nice to know the police are out there protecting us, but sometimes they get in the way of things that, well, isn’t really harming anyone. Case and point, this lesbian couple who were merely trying to have some of each other’s sweet poon before they were stopped by a cop. Why did the cop stop them? Because they’re a real son of a bitch clearly! 

Let them eat cake! (Samantha Dier)

Trooper Jeremy Temple, not one to enjoy a couple’s love and happiness was called to the Wawa convenience store near Allentown after it was reported that two young ladies were getting hot and heavy in a car with the windows rolled down. Hey, some sex and some fresh night air never hurt no one. But, to each their own apparently.

After Temple arrived, he approached the car window and saw the ladies with their pants down and “genitals exposed“. Hey now!

I would get needing to approach them if they’re in front of a Chuck-E-Cheese, but a convenience store around 9PM? Let’s maybe give them a minute because moments like these only occur in those damn American Pie movies and never real life like we always hoped.

But what made the Trooper take action was the fact that the women were stinking of booze and clearly drunk out of their mind (allegedly). Samantha Dier apparently then became aggressive and verbally abusive, which led to her arrest. A hot sexy arrest. She was charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and public drunkeness.

So the question is, if you spotted two 25-year-old lesbians going to town on each other in a car, would you call the cops?

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