Beer Company Rewards Rugby Players With Bottle Opener Teeth Implants

Science and innovation has reached an all time high this week when Salta Beer, the official sponsor of the Rugby Union of Argentina, created a tooth implant that acts as a bottle opener. These bottle openers were created because Salta wanted “to give rugby players back the teeth they had lost in battle.” Thaaaanks?

Salta teamed up with advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather Argentina for a commercial featuring a dental surgeon and three rugby players talking about the procedure and how it has miraculously changed their life. (If you squirm at the sight of teeth being pulled, or gums being drilled, you may not want to watch this even though you should because this is insane.)

The voiceover for this commercial seems like it would be a Saturday Night Live sketch, but it’s the real thing. Not only is this an incredible moment for science, it’s also the next step in the evolution of having a blinged-out grill for your mouth. Before you know it, Lil’ Wayne and Madonna will be sporting a tooth bottle opener even though they’ll probably just use it for bottles of Perrier.

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Source: Daily Mail