Salma Hayek: Frida Gets Free!

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Luckily for her many fans, she has not been too shy about revealing the famous Salma Hayek boobs. In the first movie that brought her to international attention, Robert Rodriguez’s 1995 “Desperado,” there is a steamy Salma Hayek sex scene with Antonio Banderas. For awhile it was debated whether or not it was actually her or a body double, but she cleared the air herself a couple of years later. “I would have preferred to have had a body double. It was very hard to film that scene because I was either crying or trying to cover myself. Playing a stripper in From Dusk Till Dawn was easier because I was not with a man, only a snake, so I felt a lot safer.”  The NSFW work link can be seen here

The aforementioned stripping with a snake scene from 1997’s “From Dusk Till Dawn” doesn’t contain any actual nudity, but it is incredibly sexy. Even if you have ophiophobia, the fear of snakes, it’s likely that you will still think this scene is crazy hot:

In 1999’s “Wild Wild West,” we get to see her play opposite Will Smith and Kevin Kline. The film was a very expensive flop, but does offer a funny and of course much appreciated peek at her ass. Here's a clip from the movie:

Arguably Salma Hayek’s most important role as both actress and producer was in 2002’s “Frida.” It earned her an Oscar nomination for portraying legendary artist Frida Kahlo, but more to our point, features a very sexy nude scene. The NSFW clip can be seen here 

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She discussed the nudity in “Frida” for an interview timed to the film’s release:

Q: “Most audiences are familiar with your films like "Desperado" and "From Dusk To Dawn," in which you had racier, sex-symbol roles. There's a lot of sensuality in this film, but you're not a sex symbol in this role.”

A: “And I'll tell you, there's nudity in this film, but I felt a lot more naked and embarrassed wearing that stupid costume from "Wild Wild West"! I would have to push myself out of the trailer every day! I cannot tell you how mortifying that was compared to being completely naked, in bed with another woman, because in this particular circumstance it's very organic to the story I'm telling -- and incredibly important for really telling you who this woman was. So it makes you feel less naked because it's not gratuitous. It's not exploitive. Otherwise I would have been betraying the character. You have to embrace the character for everything that she was, without any judgement, and throw yourself completely, completely into it.”

Another film that definitely offers quite a bit of naked Salma Hayek is 2006’s “Ask the Dust.” Despite an impressive cast and an interesting writer and director, the film was a bust with critics and fans. Salma’s bust though is on full display, making the film or at least a clip from the film worth your while. An NSFW clip can be seen here.


salma hayek beachThere is some debate on that issue, but considering it’s highly unlikely that anyone reading this will ever know face to face, we should just sit back and enjoy the view.



In a notable interview with Allure Magazine in 2011 for a cover shoot, the topic came up. “Ask Hayek whether any part of her body looked better ten years ago, and she'll tell you. "My boobs," she says with a laugh. "They're not bad, by the way. I'm not complaining about them." She famously breast-fed a hungry infant in Sierra Leone, where she was promoting a UNICEF initiative to eradicate tetanus. "If you have milk, you have milk, and if they're hungry, they're hungry," she says. "I think it's a beautiful thing, because motherhood is a very strong place for women to connect and understand each other."”


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The odds are incredibly small, and certainly none has hit the web. However, in the off chance one was to appear, it’s pretty likely that she has the funds to make it disappear. You see, not only has she made a small fortune as an actress and spokesperson, she is also married to French businessman François-Henri Pinault, whose family fortune is estimated at $15 billion dollars.


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Besides cast and crew members on her movie sets, she has dated actor Josh Lucas and more notably, Edward Norton. She was a very high profile couple with Norton when they were together from 1999-2003. It’s not known what broke them up, but if Edward got dumped, the one=time Hulk might have said “Hulk Smash Person Who Take Big Boobs From Me!”


Of course, current husband François-Henri Pinault is the person spending the most time with a naked Salma these days. One of the many advantages to being a billionaire.

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In a 2012 interview with Lucky Magazine, she spoke about their marriage. “She points at her chic, low ponytail. “This is very Parisian. My husband, it’s funny, but he hates it when I have this Parisian hair! He loves my crazy-maniac-madwoman just-got-out-of-the-shower hair. He is like the lawyer for my thick, wild, natural hair. He’s like, ‘Why make it suffer?’ But you know for 45 years I’ve got this big hair, and these big boobs, and I’m this tiny person and sometimes—you just want to be ... smaller.” She flips the ponytail, flashes her kohl-lined lashes. “He’s probably right—my mom always said, ‘You think you know better than God?’ ”


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One must draw a line between acting and real life, but Salma has done some rather impressive stripping besides in the previously mentioned “From Dusk Till Dawn.” Here’s a clip from 1999’s “Dogma” that’s bound to keep your attention: