Saint Louis Zoo Files Restraining Order Against Open Carry Gun Advocate

You never know when a Zebra is going to start a riot and one open carry gun rights advocate plans to be prepared.  Earlier this month there was the guy in Atlanta who rocked his AR-15 in the airport and now a fella plans to do the same at the zoo.  

The only thing that stops a bad penguin with a fish, is a good penguin with a fish.

The St. Louis Zoo has a weapons ban on their property as stated in the sign below, and this has angered Jeffry Smith from Cincinnati, Ohio who apparently likes to travel really far to go see some bears.

The whole thing makes sense now: if you don’t let people smoke they are going to want to shoot someone.  

Ironically Missouri has some of the nation’s most accommodating gun laws for open carry commandos like Smith. This may make it legal for Smith to hold his planned open carry demonstration to take place this Saturday at 1:30PM, inside the zoo. This certainly brings new meaning to the term “the right to BEAR arms.”

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!

However, the zoo is able to ban weapons as state laws make it OK to do so inside amusement parks, and other gated areas. Hopefully those lions aren’t frightened by all the men walking around with semiautomatic weapons. Lions are known supporters of “stand your ground” and things could turn ugly fast if they simply “feel threatened” by a guy coming toward their family with a machine gun in the middle of a zoo.

It was in self-defense …and happened to be delicious.

In response to the planned Open Carry demonstration the zoo has filed a temporary restraining order against Smith and protest organizers to stop the event from happening. St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson says they are looking to see if they can keep the demonstration outside of the zoo.  He told local reporters:

“I have talked to the individual from Ohio that’s planning to organize a march in Missouri. As soon as I have clear direction from the city counselor’s office about what’s legal and not legal, we’ll share that with him.”

Which brings us to our Break Question of the Day! Should Jeffry Smith and his buddies be allowed to open carry their guns in the zoo?

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Source: St. Louis CBS Local