$70 Thousand Dollars Of Bull Semen Stolen From Farm

A farm in LeRoy, Minnesota is going to be a few pints short of a full load after they reported that at least $70 thousand dollars’ worth of bull semen had been stolen. Apparently the “white gold” can fetch top dollar on the black market.

No bull; these robbers are in a sticky situation.

Mower County Sherriff Terese Amazi is investigating the theft from an unlocked barn that took place sometime between April 1st and 7th. The farmer and his farm hand say they hadn’t left the place all week, except for Easter Sunday. So sounds like on their day off, either someone made off their sweet stash or the Easter Bunny decided to get weird.

This video contains the phrase “high priced semen.”

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Each canister of bull batter is worth around $500 and vials can fetch anywhere from $300 to $1500 a pop. Which is why I am opening a bull semen donation clinic.

You know how bags of bank money are rigged to explode with ink if you try to open them the wrong way? Yeah, they should do that with bull semen containers… except for the part about the ink.

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Source: ABC 13