What Do You Get For An $18K Plane Ticket?

There are some passengers who definitely aren’t going to need The Knee Defender or have to deal with the riffraff putting their feet on their headrest when they travel on an airplane. If you are a Suites Class passenger aboard Singapore Airlines, you are flying in the lap of luxury in your own private, enclosed suite that even has a double bed to lounge out on.

This Should Bring New Meaning To The Mile High Club

One average joe from Singapore named Derek Low saved up so many frequent flyer miles that he splurged and booked a flight aboard the Airbus A380 in these baller accommodations. Low documents his trip from Singapore to New York City’s JFK airport in a series of photographs taken during his 20 plus hour journey. For $18,400 you could buy a car, or fly in your own hotel room to Singapore. Would you do it?

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Suite Class Suites, Do Not Disturb!

You can check out his detailed travelogue on these luxury accommodations that included Complimentary Dom Pérignon and fancy master chef prepared individual meals, here. In an age of cramped flying conditions with passengers about to go psycho and land the plane at any moment, this seems refreshingly “old timey” like we just discovered a flying Titanic or turn of the century train cabin.

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This is the first class check-in lounge complete with a bellhop who carries your luggage. Actors like Leonardo Dicaprio and Morgan Freeman have flown in the suites. Told you it was like Titanic.

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Before you even reach the plane, Suite Class passengers are treated to a five star resteraunt in The Private Room lounge. Sick!

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At first the suite is set up like a mini living room, for lounging and snacks. And by snacks I mean Champagne and fancy cheeses, coffees and teas.

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Low said that the staff are experts in everything they serve;

“And then he knelt down next to me as I sampled the tea. He told me about the high quality tea leaves. He told me about the hand-sewn cotton teabags. He told me about the fragant cherry blossoms and red fruits infused into the tea. Somewhere in between, he might have mentioned about the history of coffee trade and the East India Company, but I can’t be sure.”

Then over the twenty hour flight they sereved him fancy meals that he ordered ahead of time:

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Once it was time for sleep the crew comes by to fold out the double bed.

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If the suite is rockin.. someone is probably having sex, I mean come on, it’s a double bed on an airplane! That’s spicey.

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And then Low made sure to spread out as much as he could with all of his insane legroom.

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It almost makes me want to go for a flight, but then I remember what it’s like to fly for us commoners;

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See more photos of his trip here.

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