Russian Policewomen Banned From Wearing Short Skirts

If you’re a fan of short skirts and/or Russian women in uniform, I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that female police officers in Russia have been modifying their uniforms to make their skirts shorter. The bad news is those buzz kills at the Russian Interior Ministry are stepping in to ban uniform modifications, according to the Moscow Times.

Thanks, Obama Putin. Annexing the Crimea was one thing. But this time, you’ve gone too far!

The Interior Ministry has launched a crackdown to combat the trend toward shrinking hemlines witnessed among Russia’s female police officers, Izvestia reported Monday. The ministry imposed a ban against all uniform modifications in response to the growing number of shortened skirts worn by women…

In all fairness, female officers weren’t the only ones modifying their uniforms. According to the same article, male officers have a tendency “to hack off their shirt sleeves,” which I’m sure doesn’t earn a lot of respect from the gerneral population. After all, it’s hard to take someone seriously when they’re dressed like Larry the Cable Guy.

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At any rate, I’d like to point out that I made it though an article about the Russian police banning short skirts without making a single “Pussy Riot” joke. Talk about taking the high road!

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Do svidaniya, comrades! (Source)