13 Members Of The Russian Police Choir Who Clearly Don’t Want To Be There

Earlier today at the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the Russian Police Choir wowed audiences with Daft Punk’s hit Get Lucky. And while I personally like their rendition better than the original, I get the feeling that some of the old-timers in the choir aren’t exactly thrilled to be performing it. And I feel for them. After all, they probably signed up while the Cold War was still raging, but now they’re being forced to sing a sh*tty pop song created by some weird French robots, and they have to sing it in English, no less. Talk about Western decadence!

At any rate, here are 13 Russian policemen* who don’t look thrilled to be covering Daft Punk.



*We circled 14 cops, but put 13 in the title because at least one gets repeated. If you spot another repeat, sorry, but all these dirty commies look the same, so it’s hard to keep track.