Russian Student Dies During Extreme Selfie Accident

We post a lot of videos from Russia of crazy people who seem to have no fear of heights.  What is it about Russians and their defiance of gravity?  We don’t know.  But lots of them like to climb to the tops of buildings and cranes to hang out and take pictures.  And while all the videos so far have turned out fine, we make jokes about how they have a death wish and one day their luck is going to run out.  It finally happened for one of them.

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Identified only as Andrey R, the blonde teen has a ton of pictures of himself on rooftops and other dangerous places posing precariously for selfies.  Unfortunately, his last attempt from the roof of a 9 story building in Vologda, Russia didn’t pan out.

Reports say night was falling and in the fading light he tried to snap an image.  Given that a lot of his pictures show him out on ledges, or even hanging off of ledges, it’s possible he was doing the same here when he slipped.

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Making matters worse, after falling the 9 stories he landed in some bushes which cushioned him enough to prevent immediate death, which might have been  more of a blessing in this case.  He made it to the hospital but his injuries were so extensive doctors were unable to save him.

If you have to take selfies, please do so responsibly.  Use your bathroom mirror like everyone else.