20 People Who REALLY Love Themselves Some Pabst Blue Ribbon

The insanely popular American beer Pabst Blue Ribbon has been purchased by a Russian company. After 150 years of being the favorite brew for hipsters, college kids and red necks everywhere, Pabst Brewing Company was sold to Oasis Beverages. I suggest everyone go out, pour a can of PBR into a red plastic cup, throw a shot of vodka in, and chug it. “Na zdorovye!”

This guy is so upset about Russians buying PBR he got really drunk. Or it was Tuesday.

Back in the day, American beer was supposed to taste horrible; European countries laughed at our piss water, but we didn’t care. ‘Merica! Brands like Milwaukee’s Best, (Beast!), Natural Ice (Natty Ice!) and Pabst Blue Ribbon were considered “beer.” However over the last twenty years, microbrews, and imports have created an American beer renaissance. Now we have beer with flavor!  I’m sure some of you will disagree, but why would anyone drink Pabsts Blue Ribbon if they didn’t have to?

These cans were cool before they were cool.

However now when you go to a beer bar with 57 delicious beers on tap from around the world, you will see on the bottom of the brew list a can of PBR. This wasn’t slipped in by mistake; they have to put it there so the hipsters who drink $3 beer at a wine bar can look “cool.” Apparently PBR is so mainstream that it’s not mainstream? Or maybe it’s that trendy urban dwellers will look like they are rednecks? I don’t get it, but it’s a thing.  

OK, That’s actually pretty hip.

However I guess if rednecks, hipsters and college kids everywhere all love PBR so much, than I recognize that I’m the asshole in this situation. Fine you win. So to celebrate the life of PBR here are 20 amazing images of people who REALLY love themselves some Pabst Blue Ribbon.


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