This Russian Bare Breast Ad Caused 500 Accidents In One Day

Personally, if I saw a pair of naked boobs on the side of a truck, I’d probably look once because, boobs, and twice because what in the world are they promoting here.

In Russia, it was reported that 500 motor accidents were caused because of this simple ad on over 30 trucks from an advertising agency.

Oddly enough, the Russian ad didn’t say anything racy at all. It was a simple promotion for advertising on the side of the trucks with the words “They attract.” And attract they did. Only it was the opposite type of attention the company received. But then again, I suppose any attention is good attention these days for a Russian advertising company. The accidents caused by the bare boobed ad reached the US, afterall.

The Sarafan Advertising Agency behind the ad said, “We are planning to bring a new advertising format onto the market, encouraging companies to place their ads on the sides of trucks, as we thought this would be a good alternative to putting them on the sides of public transport. We wanted to draw attention to this new format with this campaign.” Maybe they should start adding boobs to every ad? Apparently, their ad to advertise is working like gangbusters.

The company also said that they would compensate anyone that had been in one of the 500 accidents caused by their sign, that wouldn’t be covered by the driver’s insurance. Pretty upstanding move.

Yet only one question remains: Real or fake?

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source: Metro