Supervillains Rejoice! The Cobra Tower Could Be Your Next Base Of Operations

Clearly the problem we have with most modern architecture is that any building tends to be a tall, thin tower of some kind or a short blocky building.  Once in a while someone gets funky and builds a round thing.  It’s all the same.  But not in Russia!  Designer Vasily Klyukin has got our backs, especially those of us interested in maybe taking over the world or raising a dark serpent god from the Underworld.

Vasily’s design for the Asian Cobra Tower is as functional as it is awesome.  It can change color based on your likes or dislikes, and also have a face.  This building could have a face!  Even the Avengers just have Tony Stark’s name on the side of their building. 

The Cobra would have offices and apartments up through the body while the jaws would house a restaurant and nightclub, because obviously.  Who wouldn’t want to party it up in some snake jaws?

In defense of his design, Vasily points out that in Asian countries, snakes and serpents are revered and not generally considered sinister like they are in the west.  In most Asian countries a building like this would bring great prestige. 

At the end of the day, whether or not snakes and dragons are highly esteemed guardians or the diamond pattern on the snakes back represents Yin and Yang, the important thing to take away from this is that an architect drew up plans to make an actual, habitable giant snake building.  Why isn’t this being built in every major city in the world?