Russia Tanks Will Be Controlled By Video Game Style GamePads

A news outlet run by the Russian government called Sputnik International (motto: In Russia, news report you) claims that their new tanks will be operated by a controller that looks similar a Sony PlayStation controller. The new Kurganets-25 infantry fighting vehicle will be equipped with a “console similar to the Sony Playstation gamepad,” according to a statement from Tractor Plants vice-president Albert Bakov. 


The Kurganets-25 on parade!

The updated tank controls aren’t just so they can make it easier for younger gamers to learn the working controls of a deadly war machine. They also are designed to take up less space in the constrictive confines of a military vehicle and prevent injuries. Bakov said that steering wheels in tanks are “dangerous for the rib cage during an impact and when climbing out.” So now, tank operators won’t have to worry about breaking a rib but they might want to keep an eye out for carpal tunnel syndrome.

The tank is currently undergoing trials and expected to roll out in 2016. So if we want to beat the Russians because President Vladimir Putin wants to be a James Bond villain, that means we have to make our kids and teenagers play more video games! So don’t get your kid a football or a gun next Christmas. Do America proud and give him or her or a copy of the new “Call of Duty: Black Ops III” or you’ll make Uncle Sam cry.   

Not the tank you are looking for.

Modern video games have gotten such a bad rap. Sure, they require a lot of sitting to play, include some of the most graphic scenes of violence you’ll ever see and continue to run Sonic the Hedgehog’s good name into the ground. However, there are some benefits to becoming a dedicated gamer and they aren’t just health related. They can also turn us into a lethal, military hero. 

Source: Sputnik News