Russia Is The Gayest Anti-Gay Country in the World

Russia’s government voted unanimously, that’s 436 Russian politicians for and 0 against, to pass a bill against gay “propaganda.”  What does that mean?  Means you can’t even tell kids about homosexuality in Russia now.  Basically just pretend it doesn’t exist and make anyone even talking about it a criminal.  That’s a bit of a hard line stance.  And it’s even more hypocritical coming from Russia which as a pretty extravagant and fabulous history.  We’re not judging you Russia, we’re just saying, a lot of stuff in Russia seems pretty gay friendly.  Maybe you guys are in denial?  Pictures don’t lie.

1. T.A.T.U

2. Shirtless Putin

3. Russian Bath Houses

4. Shirtless Putin Frolicking with Playful Dolphins

5. This Guy's Dance Outfit

6. Putin Snuggling An Adorable Puppy

7. Muscular Circus Performer Making Out With a Tiger

8. Putin Wishing He Could Nurse

9. Russian Military Fashion Sense

10. Putin Having a Religious Experience