Russia Creating Robotic Terminator Soldiers To Terrify The World!

Today in Robot Apocalypse we go to Russia where they are developing “Iron Man” style robot soldiers that are completely crap-your-pants terrifying. While they are calling the military prototype “Ivan the Terminator” these bipedal robots work more like Iron Man, controlled by a remote human user, rather than a completely autonomous killing machine.

I need your clothes, your boots and your vodka.

According to a report coming out of Russia, “The development of a special military robot is one of the priorities of military construction in Russia.”

It makes a lot of sense. Much like how aerial drones have replaced some bombers in the sky, humanoid robots on the ground could one day replace combat soldiers, cutting back on human casualties on the battle field and other dangerous situations. I’d be excited if I saw one of these things walking down the street to deliver a pizza.

The robot is controlled remotely by a person in a sensor suit up who is located up to several miles away. This allows the robot to mimic the human’s movements so it can drive a car, walk and eventually fire a gun. See Ivan in action.

I don’t speak Russian, but I believe what they are saying in this video translates to, “I must break you.”

If you are worried about America lagging behind in such kick ass technology to Russia and “Chya-na” – you would be correct. In 2012, the Pentagon announced its own killer robot program aptly codenamed “Avatar.” Just like in the James Cameron blockbuster the aim was to develop robots controlled remotely by real flesh and blood soldiers. However four years later the only step closer the US military has gotten to anything remotely like what the Russians have is this dog thing.

The United States has also held a DARPA Robotic Challenge, to encourage the development of advanced humanoid robots since 2012, and the results are a bit clumsy. So while Russia has “Ivan The Terminator” he might just be Ivan the Terrible.

While these machines are merely controlled by people, the main concern is once they achieve autonomy. Although, I believe we don’t have to worry about legions of metal men massacring the populace just yet. We will be able to tip them over with our foot. Or at a minimum we can wait for their delicate computer systems to crash and they will need a human to hit Control-Alt-Delete before they can kill anyone.

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