Running Unopposed Man In Iowa Loses Election When No One Votes For Him

The only thing that makes losing an election more disappointing than it already is, is finding out that no one voted for you… including yourself. That’s exactly what happened to Randy Richardson.

The 42-year-old was the only candidate for a northern Iowa school board district seat – District 3 to be exact. After all the votes were tallied, he didn’t win the seat because he received zero votes.

Even though no one (including himself) voted in his district, all isn’t as devastating as it sounds. In preliminary figures, only 36 people of the 500-resident farming community voted in the election for the Riceville Board of Education. Richardson told the Mason City Globe Gazette that he was “too busy” to vote and since everyone else was busy as well, the school board will have to appoint someone to the seat. Richardson said that he’s willing to be appointed.

So I guess congratulations are in order?

Source: Mason City Globe Gazette