Rosie Jones; The Hot Model Not Golfer

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Lucky for Rosie Jones fans, there is no shortage of pictures where you can see Rosie Jones nude, well, at least topless. This British beauty is a glamour model which means she is famous for posing topless in men’s magazines.  Rosie hasn’t done as they say in the U.K., “The Full Monty” yet but she has often showed off her bare breasts.  In fact, there are probably more shots of Rosie topless then there are of Rosie in clothes and she has also posed for the occasional naked rear end shot.  Originally from Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex, Rosie was educated in Catholic schools and began modeling in 2008 when she was 17 years old and signed with Samantha Bond Management.  Rosie did well in school and was going to go to university to become a primary school teacher when she saw a program on TV about Samantha Bond’s agency.  Rosie explains how quickly her life plans took on a different direction after she saw the TV show, “I sent in some snaps and was immediately taken onto their books. It came around quite suddenly for me.”  Rosie’s fans are now heaving a large sigh of relief; imagine her assets being wasted daily on schoolchildren.  After Rosie turned 18, she appeared as a Page 3 girl, women who are featured topless on page 3 of The Sun, a British tabloid newspaper.  Rosie now professionally models full time for various men’s magazines such as FHM, Front, Loaded, Nuts and of course, Page 3.  Rosie’s vitals are that she is 5’ 7” tall, her measurements are 30F-26-36 and she has a starburst tattoo on her lower back.  The now defunct Nuts magazine named Rosie the No.1 Sexiest Babe of 2010  and she has ranked three times (2013 #14, 2012 #4 and 2010 #77) on FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women List. When asked by FHM what her favorite part of her body were, she said, “I guess I should thank my boobs for getting me where I am…so thanks, boobs.”

Check out this sexy photo gallery:

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Primarily in the above mentioned magazines but due to modern technology, it’s also easy to see Rosie nude in video as well.  Although she hasn’t done porn, yet, Rosie has appeared topless in various photoshoots, several which have been documented and available on the internet. Although she wasn’t nude, Rosie was in Bryan Ferry’s “You Can Dance” music video and she was also in Professor Green’s Be Good To Green music video.  Continuing her music video career, during the 2013 Christmas holiday season, Rosie was in a series of music video clips for Keule, a German comedy band.  Another place you can see Rosie’s bare body is in her pin-up calendars where she poses topless or shows her bare behind.  Rosie said she likes to add her creative input when selecting which pictures wind up in the calendar, “I do get to see most of the pictures and I pick out my favorites and try to choose the final 13, unless someone higher than me thinks my choices are rubbish!”  When it comes to demonstrating her acting abilities, Rosie appeared in an Old Spice commercial in which her long hair covers her boobs in addition to a 10 minute Sci-Fi short film, We Are One. Rosie plays an astronaut and the film follows her journey on a mission to Mars.  She said, “It was great fun to film and refreshing to do something so different.”  However, don’t expect to see Rosie as you are used to seeing her since she is completely covered from head to toe in a helmet and astronaut suit.  She said, “It was absolutely boiling in that space suit! I had to keep running off and trying to blow a fan down the top of the suit. I was a sweaty mess!”

See the short film here:


Rosie participated in a Modball Rally car race as a co-driver and wore quite an interesting race outfit. In the video below, you can see her breasts bouncing all over the place.


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Rosie is a Guinness World Record holder, setting a record in 2009 for taking the most bras on and off in one minute, totaling seven. In August 2010, Rosie helped to raise money for the charity, Help for Heroes by climbing to the peak of Mount Toubkal in Morocco.  As charitable as she is hot, Rosie joined fellow glamour models, India Reynolds, Stacey Massey and Emma Glover in raising money for the non-profit, “Life for a Kid” for children in need of lifesaving operations in the UK.  Billing themselves as “The Glamily” (a cross between the words glamour models and family), in September 2011, the women climbed Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles.  Apparently, Rosie often hangs out with her girls and not just the ones on her chest.  On July 8th, 2011, Rosie tweeted a photo of herself and 3 other glamour models in which they were all topless and holding each other’s breasts with their hands.  It became an internet sensation and when asked if she knew she was going to create such a firestorm, Rosie said, “Oh my God no! Literally we were standing there feeling whose boobs were the heaviest and someone thought that moment had to be captured on camera. I have never had so many comments on anything.” Duh.  Rosie later revealed that Emma Glover (to the far right) had the heaviest boobs. 

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Showing off their girl power, Rosie has also posed with another fellow glamour model, Lucy Pinder for Nuts magazine in which they stand breast to breast and at one point, Rosie holds Lucy’s breast.

Rosie Jones has also canoodled with the World Cup. In July 2009 FHM published online pictures of Rosie with the World Cup.  “I loved this shoot,” said Rosie, “I’ve held the World Cup between my boobs. That was hilarious but unfortunately we couldn’t shoot it because my chest totally smothered it.”  So they opted for the below instead.

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When it comes to her love life and the lucky lad who gets to see her naked, Rosie is mum.  Rumors had it that she may have dated U.K. X factor singer, James Arthur because he said in an interview that he really liked Rosie and was hoping she would contact him.  Yeah, well, join the rest of the world.  However, there has been little info on who Rosie is dating despite the fervor of the U.K. gossip magazines.  However, if you want to be the lucky man who gets to be Rosie’s boyfriend, she has some advice for you, “Just start talking to me. Be casual. Don’t be cocky. Don’t be a nervous wreck.”  

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Rosie Jones is also an American ex-professional golfer who has 13 LPGA Tour career victories and earned almost a total of $8.4 million in tournament earnings.  During her amateur career, she won the New Mexico Junior Championship three times from 1974–76 and in 1979, she won the New Mexico State Championship. This Rosie Jones did go to college and was an AIAW All-American at Ohio State University. Her highest LPGA earnings were in 1988 when she was tied as winning the most tournaments with three victories, including the LPGA World Championship.  Although Rosie has never won a major tournament, she has come in second four times. Her nickname is “Queen of Corning” due to her back-to-back wins in 1996-97 at the LPGA Corning Classic.  Unless Rosie Jones the model has something to reveal, another distinction between golfer Rosie Jones and model Rosie Jones is that in 2004, Rosie the golfer publicly came out as gay.  The announcement came in conjunction with her acceptance of a sponsorship from Olivia, a travel agency that markets to lesbians.  Rosie retired from professional golf at the end of the 2006 U.S. Women’s Open in which she finished tied for 57th.  Since her retirement, Rosie worked as a commentator for The Golf Channel and she and her girlfriend launched a series of golf vacation packages called Rosie Jones Golf Getaways.

Rosie Jones the golfer:

rosie the golfer