Rosario Dawson: Sin City Indeed

An interesting thing about actress Rosario Dawson’s onscreen career is the wide range of themes she finds herself accepting roles in. She started her career in the gritty movie Kids after being personal spotted by Larry Clark and Harmony Korine, and then she’s also starred in movies of a more mild variety like Josie and the Pussycats. Not exactly the same genre. Somehow Rosario has planted herself in the industry as a sweet go-to option for the G rated flicks, but also as a fearless option willing to strip down emotionally and physically for a role.



Where Can I See Rosario Dawson Nude?

Rosario has gotten completely naked for her art, and she makes a full frontal nude appearance in Danny Boyle’s film Trance. Her nude appearances in this film differ than in many, so that adds an extra element of interest. Yes, there is the being nude for sex scene part, but there is also a scene where Rosario is revealed shaving away her pubic hair. If you ask some critics, the grooming did have a point in the story line, it was for those following carefully along the moment that she reveals herself to the obsessive protagonist Simon played by James McAvoy. That moment of vulnerability was a power play of sort.

While some fans of the film hold fast to this concept that the naked segment was plot driven, others claim it to be of the more gratuitous variety. Rosario has defended it’s necessity:

“It’s absolutely instrumental for the film – I read the script and knew it was happening I was mentally prepared way before we filmed it.”

“If you took out the nudity, something would really be lost. It’s an intimate secret that is sort of played with at that moment. She’s trying to unlock a memory and instigate a change. She’s walking a very fine line and risking a lot in doing so. That is the most revealing. It’s not so much her physicality that is being revealed, but all her reasons for exposing it. I was struck by her bravery and it compelled me to have the same.” She shared.

Either way it’s definitely there! See some photos of Rosario Dawson in all her naked glory right here.

Where Else Can I See Her Acting All Sexy?

Lots of places. One sexier option for watching Rosario is in the graphic novel film adaption Sin City, where Rosario was cast as Gail the dominatrix prostitute. Her outfits in the film are naturally, fit for a dominatrix prostitute, so not totally nude but lets say pretty drafty. Here, see for yourself.


Anything Else in the Archives?

Actually Rosario has not been shy about baring her body for film for quite some time now. The gorgeous actress went topless in both the 1998 film He Got Game, and in 2004’s ancient Greek flick Alexander.

Here’s an interview where Rosario spills the details on how her family feels about the whole nudity thing, and as a bonus she also shared a really strange way that her mother punished her when she was a kid.

She Seems Pretty Bold. Is She Afraid of Anything?

Rosario clearly isn’t afraid of a nude shoot, but she afraid of jellyfish and centipedes. Rightly so, those things can be quite dangerous.

She also feels a bit of pressure when it comes to shooting comedy. The actress is mostly known for the more dramatic variety of roles and seems to feel a bit more comfortable in them. Rosario expressed some hesitancy about accepting the role in Top Five, which Chris Rock wrote specifically for her. You know you’re in demand when people write you into a movie and you have to think about it. She did ultimately accept.

rosario dawson cleavage

Cool. What About Any Nude Photo Shoots She May Have Done?


Speaking of spread, she also had a quite nice spread in 2013, proving without a shred of a doubt that she can rock a strappy bikini type number. (As if anyone was ever doubting her ability.)

Watch this for even more sexy shots of Rosario Dawson.

Photo Shoots Are Nice. Anything Leaked I Might Be Interested In?

Why yes there are some leaked photos of Rosario Dawson out there, if paparazzi photos are to your liking. Added bonus, these photos contain a link back to the film Trance! (But not the naked nether parts part.) After stripping down and shooting the film, the 33-year-old Rosario actually started dating 56-year-old director Danny Boyle. The lovebirds headed to Barbados post shooting to let their hair down and apparently do some topless sunbathing as well, as Rosario was snapped doing.

You can find some of the photos here.

Here are some more G rated ones of her rocking a bikini while hanging with friends and then boyfriend Boyle.


Since you can never have too many bikini paparazzi shots, here’s another one where she’s actually getting sprayed down with water. Impressive sight, and quite cinematic for not being aware that anyone was watching.


There are always more Rosario Dawson photos available where she’s rocking a bikini.

Okay, what else have the paparazzi caught her doing?

It’s true that Rosario has been caught in a state of nakedness by the paparazzi more than once. In addition to being caught sunbathing nude, the actress has also had an inconvenient public wardrobe malfunction that was naturally caught on film. The actress was attending the premiere of As I Lay Dying in Cannes France and chose a dress with a very high slit for her walk down the red carpet, as one with beautiful limbs has been known to do. But so high in fact was that slit, that is was a tad too revealing and nearby photogs caught some snaps of Rosario’s lady bits. Let’s just say she wasn’t wearing any panties.

You can see the unedited shots for yourself right here.

Does Rosario Have a Dream Role?

The actress is a self professed trekkie and has been quoted as saying that she would love to play any part in one of the films. Going by her opinions about auditioning, she doesn’t seem to be afraid of thinking outside of the box. Despite being willing to undress for films, Rosario actually went through a phase where she rebelled against the body conscious expectations of casting directors. More specifically, she would purposefully wear shapeless sweatshirts to audition so that she wasn’t being judged just off of her body.

I’d perform my ass off, and the casting directors would be like, ‘You are perfect for this role, but can you wear something a little less shapeless?'”

Her manager would then suggest that if she must wear a sweater, maybe it could be of a more fitted variety. She added:

“I’m like, ‘Ugh, fine’, but these stupid conversations needed to be had, because unfortunately, don’t believe what they tell you, there’s very little imagination in Hollywood.”


Has Rosario Always Been So Sexy?

Probably, although she didn’t always feel like it. The star revealed to Cosmo for Latinas magazine that it took her a bit to grow out of her awkward stage.

“I was an awkward teenager. I went stag to my prom. I was a virgin until I was 20 years old!” the Cosmo for Latinas covergirl reveals in the Fall 2014 issue. 

“My mother was raising five kids on her own, I wasn’t just going to sit back and be a horny teenager and continue some cycle of teenage pregnancy – I wanted more opportunities.” 

And find them she did.

As for it takes to wow that girl, that’s the simpler side of romance.

“For me, it’s about forethought. For my 25th birthday, my then-boyfriend prepared a beautiful bath for me. He put flowers and a bunch of little candles everywhere. He was crazy busy, and he knew I loved a great bath!”