Rosamund Pike: Gone with your Clothes, Girl

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Luckily for fans of gorgeous woman, the Brits have a lot more to offer than just proverbial mushy peas or bangers and mash. Although the state of British dentistry has been a long running joke, hotties have emerged from throughout Great Britain for generations, and we here in America are only too pleased to be able to oogle them to our little heart’s content. Our obsession du jour is the striking Rosamund Pike, who has gone from Bond Girl to Oscar-nominee without losing an ounce of her glamour or sultry appeal. We here are of course more interested in checking out her twin pikes, so to speak, and are in search of the various places her many fans can see her in the buff. Having dug high and low, we have tracked them down for you to appreciate, and indeed, she is worthy of some serious appreciation. So grab a pint (or a shaken not stirred martini, if you’re feeling classy) and join us as we go in search of


Her first actual nude scene was in 2007’s “Fracture,” opposite a then relatively unknown Ryan Gosling. Their steamy love scene lit up what was a relatively lifeless film, and there is a nice nipple flash during one especially passionate moment. It might be enough to fracture your eyeballs if you look too long. Gosling’s legion of fans will likely appreciate the clip as well.

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Far better though, at least for our purposes, was her work in 2007’s “Fugitive Pieces.” Her lucky co-star here was Stephen Dillane (best known today as Stannis Baratehon in “Game of Thrones,” which begs the question of would you rather rule the Seven Kingdoms or hook up with Rosamund Pike), and this relatively small and largely forgotten film offered some of her hottest sex scenes until her breakthrough role in “Gone Girl.”


Well, she was damn hot (subjective), pretty naked (subjective) and mega-crazy (objective). More to the point, she carved out one of the indelible female roles of the decade so far in a film that was a rare mix of art house sensibility with blockbuster-style success. The entire film really hinges on her performance, and the Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations she earned for it attest to how amazing she was in it.

What was it like for her to go so bat-shit crazy? “Ben [Affleck] and I would have these scenes that were very giggly and sort of romantic. And then we’d go to this very dark place.… I tried to get us out of that. There were definitely moments when I felt very uneasy with how much power [my character’ had.”

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“And the interesting thing is, my reaction was to laugh, to get sort of uncontrollable giggles. That was the most curious part of playing her: At the point where she’s at her most powerful, it unnerved something in me.”

Among the most discussed scenes in the film were the violent sex scenes (that’s quite an understatement) between her and everyone’s favorite guy who once played someone named Doogie, Neil Patrick Harris. “We were in hysterics in the editing room,” she said about looking at the various takes shot of the bloody moments.

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“It was very funny doing (rehearsals for our sex) scene.” [Director David Fincher] “left Neil and me alone on that set for like two hours to make sure we could do it. But when it’s just two of you, basically kind of f–king on a bed, it feels so inappropriate….In order to make something look wild and abandoned and free, it has to be technically quite precise.”

“It’s not a sex scene like you’ve ever seen before – it’s pretty corrupt, pretty shocking, the kind of thing my grandmother would probably avert her eyes from. But the experience of doing it is actually pretty funny, you think, ‘Can we go this far? Can we do this? Would that be too naughty?’….As an actor you’re happy to take your clothes off in front of lots of people, but if it’s just you and another actor, it’s weird.”

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They shot an incredible 36 takes of the scene. “I spent more time in front of the camera on that film than in my entire career to date, because he’s shooting five to six hours of footage a day, and over a hundred days shooting—that mounts up.”  Director David Fincher said “I told them to rehearse it for three days, as we’re pumping five gallons of blood out of Desi’s [Harris’ character] throat. 36 sheets, 450 gallons of blood and 36 pairs of underpants”

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 Her involvement in the film went even deeper than merely acting, as she actually spoke to the director about including a very graphic oral sex scene that Affleck performs on her character.   “That’s a side of Rosamund Pike that people don’t expect.” Well, we might not have expected it, but we sure do appreciate it!

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In “Die Another Die” she joined a long line of gorgeous woman who have been “Bond Girls,” which usually means that they have little to do other than be hot and act as toys for 007. Her work though did grab a bit of extra attention, as the then 23 year old Rosamund said at the time. “Oh, the sex scene. Why does everyone want to know about the sex scene?”

“It`s been blown out of all proportion. We`re making a PG movie here. This isn`t Bond-porn. We do get to romp, for want of a better word, but it`s all very modest. At one point, I did find myself thinking, God, I`m in bed with James Bond, but Pierce [Brosnan] put me at ease. He was telling me about his first-ever sex scene, which sounded pretty full-on. I mean, no one on the set even saw my breasts.”

First of all, her idea of “Bond-porn” is certainly worthy of contemplation for oh, say, a few years or so. As to no one on set seeing her breasts, we will just add that to the list of great cinematic tragedies of the modern world.

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For those truly in search of the best glance at her twin peaks/pikes, you’d have to venture off to a BBC TV production of “Women in Love” from 2011. It has never been shown on American television, so the fact that we have a clip for you shows you how much we care about you, dear readers.


Ok, we know that sounds like a trick question, but it does allow us to show you another clip of Rosamund naked, this time from the underrated 2010 film “Barney’s Version. “I’m mad about Paul. I’m totally mad about him. The love story in this film is so much greater than any love story I’ve ever told on film. I just believed in us.”

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“For me, to be perfectly honest, I found Paul far more attractive than Pierce Brosnan. That is my genuine reaction. Because it’s Paul, you can’t be someone who looks like Paul Giamatti because there is only one. It has to do with the spirit that comes through the eyes. It can’t just be someone who says, “I’m the great doppelganger for Paul Giamatti, wanna kiss me?””

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We should preface this answer by stating the (hopefully) obvious fact that if we had a time machine, using it for such a purpose isn’t the best usage of such miraculous technology. But if we had to, we clearly would go to 2003 and visit London to check out the play “Hitchcock Blonde.” “In “Hitchcock Blonde,” I had to do a 10-minute nude scene. Apart from some high heels, I was completely bare onstage. The play was about the male gaze, male expectations, and, finally, female power and the lack thereof. This girl had dark secrets, but she also wanted to be adored. Until Amy [her “Gone Girl” character], I don’t know that I’d ever seen that combination in a character.”

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“It’s funny: I kind of perversely put on weight when I had to be naked on stage, which now I look back on it I think is quite strange. I look at pictures of that time – because my mum saves stuff – and I think: Oh gosh, I actually gained weight, which is not what people would normally do if they knew they had to appear naked every night.”

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Like most theatrical pieces, there’s no real footage of this likely epic performance (although there are a couple of low res photos floating around), which once again proves the age old adage: the play’s the thing.

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