Wanna See A Pic of Ronda Rousey In Nothing But Body Paint? Of Course You Do

It can be tough to have an attraction to a woman who could kick your ass but we’re willing to make an exception for the exceptional Ronda Rousey. And for those of you not sold because most of the time you’re seeing her beating in another woman’s face, here’s a pic of Rousey in nothing but some shiny body paint.

via Instagram

Sure, that’s a nice (sorry, great) image but how the hell are we supposed to know that’s Rousey? The image comes from an Editor for Sports Illustrated under the name @mj_day and that’s about all we know. But of course the internet can be a better detective than Columbo when it comes to all things female and one person noted the tattoo on the right wrist.

Considering the image was taken by someone who is an Editor for Sports Illustrated (and Rousey is no stranger to the publication when it comes to sexy pics) we’re likely to see a few more angles of Rousey in her new threadless swimsuit. Thank God.

Alright, back to work.