Woman Didn’t Realize She Chose A Picture Of Pornstar Ron Jeremy For School Flyer

If there’s any reason to not keep yourself too sheltered, it’s so you don’t make mistakes like this one while living your totally straight-laced life. Case in point, an HR representative for a school decided to create a “Happy Spring” flyer alerting staff, parents and anyone interested to come to a spring barbecue for donations toward their Early Education Committee. The unfortunate part is she chose to showcase pornstar Ron Jeremy on the flyer.

It looks as if Ron Jeremy himself doesn’t even know how he ended up on this thing.

Posted to Reddit with the title “Lady in my HR department sent this announcement email this morning, featuring clip art of a ‘guy wearing a festive Hawaiian shirt'”, it blows me away that for one, she didn’t recognize Ron Jeremy at all. And second, she chose a guy that looks like he might want to kidnap your kids, not help them. Either way, there’s gonna be way more sausages at this cookout than she expected!

The stranger part is she must’ve really looked high and low for the right image that struck her fancy. When you google Hawaiian Shirt Guy, a lot of generic images pop up including Ace Ventura, Magnum P.I. and even a random image of Sylvester Stallone in a Hawaiian shirt from the late 80’s. Use that one! So maybe she had a more detailed search, looking specifically for someone that looked like a hedgehog.

Regardless, good job, lady. Can’t wait for that Singles Meet-Up flyer with a picture of a handsome guy…who just so happens to be Ted Bundy.

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source: Reddit