Ron Burgundy Sells Dodge Durangos Staff by Staff on Oct. 09, 2013

With Anchorman 2 coming out soon, it's time we start seeing some ads promoting it. And why not make those ads ads for Dodge as well? It makes money and promotes two things at once! See what happens when you work together, American government? Things happen!

Dodge and Will Ferrell reportedly made 70 of these, some videos, some vines, some longer and shorter. But they're starting to get released and here are the ones out so far.


Geepa53 UserTop Commenter

Ron Burgundy is the shit.

MP Crosson
MP Crosson

He's an appropriate pitchman for those crap Dodges.

Matt McGee
Matt McGee

I... I know it's just a curtain... but I can't get out...

eldystar User

I watched every one of the commercials I really want a dirty dancer on a horse now...

megamonster User

@Matthew Nemeth Will Ferrell actually did these for free.