This Picture Of The Rock From The 90's Is The Greatest Image You'll See Today

This picture, right here, is the greatest image you'll see today.

The Rock from the 1990's, compiled with turtleneck AND gold chain, mom jeans, dress belt and of course, the fanny pack. My God, the fanny pack.

via Reddit

The location and specific year this photo was taken is uncertain, but I am curious if this was some sort of actual photo shoot or he's just that much of a pro in front of a camera, even back then. Such grace. I just hope there wasn't anything on that napkin before he made the lean with his left arm. The question is what in the world does 90's Rock carry in a fanny pack?? Of course the obvious joke would be some protein pills and powders if not other essentials to weightlifting, but what else? I envision maybe a small packet of peanuts, a half-eaten roll of Life Savers and a set of his house keys that are just too big to fit in his tight pants pocket. We can only dream of what's in that leather pouch.

But what makes this even more startling is how closely Dwayne Johnson resembles 90's Rob Schneider. Now that is scary.