Robots Are Taking Over Our Laundry And Lawyering Duties

There are serious concerns about robots and the rise of automation eliminating the need for companies to hire actual people. However, there are some jobs that we wouldn’t mind giving to a soulless machine to give us more time to do important things like exercise more, read a book or let the minutes melt away with viral video sites and blogs.

This robot could one day make having to fold those annoying fitted sheets a problem of the past. 

Take, for instance, the PR2 robot, which is typically used in manufacturing plants and factories to complete mundane, repetitive tasks along assembly lines. This robot can actually be programmed to do just about anything and someone taught it how to do how laundry for us. And we don’t mean just washing and drying our clothes and leaving them in a big pile on the floor for us to fold and put away. It can do every step of the process from sorting similar colors for the washing machine and folding them up nice and neatly.

Check the laundry-bot out in action:

We could also teach robots to do more complicated jobs like practice law. A new report speculated that technology could develop a robotic legal mind that could do most or all of the paperwork that lawyers are required to do for their clients. Implementing such technology would reduce the legal work force and the availability of jobs for lawyers but it would also greatly reduce abnormally high legal costs. Plus, it would screw lawyers, which isn’t worth anything from a monetary standpoint because you can’t put a price on something that sweet. 

source: io9

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