Robot Karate Kid Unleashed By Google

It seems that Google is really trying to make the future a lot like the future as depicted in bad B movies. Specifically a B movie that rips off the classic Karate Kid film, but instead the main character is a Karate Robot!

Robot who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything.

The internet company and its recently acquired subsidiary Boston Dyanmics, which totally doesn’t sound evil, have created the ATLAS Robot named Ian and taught him some sweet moves straight from Mr. Miyagi. The bipedal robot uses sensors in its head including stereo cameras and a laser range finder to see. While the current version uses a tether for power, which could be a hindrance in any karate match, the second version should be chord free. The robot is 6 feet, two inches tall and weighs 330 pounds; so the Cobra Kai had better watch their back.

Watch the full video:

[[contentId: 2785695| | size: 75]]

This is the noise you will hear when they come for you.

In addition to learning karate moves the ATLAS robot has been taught how to drive a car by its programmers at The Florida Institute for Human and Machine Interaction. The group working with Boston Dynamics said in a statement;

“Inspired by the speed of cheetahs, the endurance of horses, the maneuverability of monkeys, and the versatility of humans, IHMC researchers are on a quest to develop legged robots that are fast, efficient, and graceful, with the mobility required to access many of the same places that humans can.’

Guess Who Is Going To Win “The All Valley Karate Tournament?”

Awesome! When you are hiding from karate chopping robots in the smoldering ruins of civilization you can at least know that it was kind of cool that Google got a robot to do the crane kick.  

This brings us to the all-important question; who would win in a fight, Yoda or Mr. Miyagi?

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I’m still looking forward to robot boxing.