Robot Bridesmaid Reboots A Chinese Wedding

robot bridesmaid

The phrase “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” likely doesn’t’ apply to a 20-something dude reading this on his couch, but the whole crazy world of weddings likely means a lot to the potential woman of their dreams. The more you know about the topic, the better you’ll be able to meet her desires and create eternal bliss….or at least make her dig you more.

Then again, few women so far have dreamed of having a robot as a bridesmaid, but for one pioneering Chinese woman, just such a thing happened on her special day.

robot 2

An android named Jaoye was able to give the couple their wedding rings and even offered a quick blessing.

robot 3

Though definitely unusual, it’s not the only off-beat bridesmaid in the game. Some folks prefer their dogs to be bridesmaids.


Don’t want a canine to upstage the ceremony? You can go for a low-key pussy instead. (Get your mind out of the gutter.)


Sometimes it’s not just who is the bridesmaid – it’s what they are wearing.


We can’t really even guess the scheme intended for these bridesmaids – maybe a Dr. Seuss meets the Brady Bunch theme?


Our favorite though was from 1953, when a chimp named Nidge served as a bridesmaid to a young couple. It turns out the chimp was actually borrowed from a pet store —which clearly is no longer possible as any pet store selling chimps is taboo.


Maybe though the best way for a man to truly understand the bridesmaid phenomena is through watching Kristin Wiig and company yuck it up in the classic clip.

Source: Mirror