15 Great Quotes From The Late Robin Williams You Need To Live By

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Aug. 11, 2014

Robin Williams left a brilliant legacy all too soon with words being his greatest talent as not only an actor and comedian, but as a man who understood more than the rest of us. He was one of the greatest performers of any recent generation so what better way to pay tribute to this iconoclast than remembering his collected words of wisdom from his brilliant career.
















Thank you for sharing your talent. And the laughs were good too.

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andyman4 User

Nanu nanu Mork....RIP

rwhockey12 User

"if you need booze or drugs to enjoy life to the fullest you're doing it wrong" he was an alcoholic.....

Draven-Hunter-872 User

I'm even trying to recover from this one I've said this many times but my childhood has died on the inside

Bill-Tolli-112 User

The only one person Mr Williams never made laugh was Himself.RIP MR WILLIAMS

Michael Jon Axl
Michael Jon Axl

So sad to see so many people just, o he made me laugh lets just post about his comedic life cause that's all he was to you people. the funny guy who was always asked to be funny when he clearly had problems. but who cares right as long as you people get to laugh right.

BoredPerv User

Very sad.  I guess he was at the end of his rope.  Seriously though, suicide is such a waste and the ultimate act of selfishness (aside from the fact that he was a brilliant entertainer).  If you or anyone else feels like this is the solution, please reach out to someone, anyone, as there are tons of resources 24/7:  sample:  http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

Samuel Weiner
Samuel Weiner

From Hook, "to die would be a great adventure."

Angelita-Santiago-8 User

If only he knew how this would effect a lot people maybe he would of thought twice. .... oh robin Williams you are loved by so many and missed by so many ...REST IN PEACE

jimrichards1 User

If you have depression; this is scary, but understandable.

TFouse2 User

Today seems just a little less funny RIP and god speed.

Joy Jo
Joy Jo

Legend never die they are living our hearts...

Adam-Campbell-257 User

It amazes me how someone who can make people so happy can be so unhappy. i grew up with him its a shame hes gone i hope hes in a place like in his movie What Dreams May Come  Nanu Nanu!

Roger Parent
Roger Parent

The only guy on earth quicker with a joke than me. But, now I don't feel like being funny any more. rip ork

specadmin User

Goodbye to a true talent and inspiring human being....let's remember his wonderful life and now how it ended...

Gwen Gran
Gwen Gran

Good Bye Mork your gonna be missed by alot of people,R.I.P Mr.Robin Williams :( NanNu

Marcus Rivera
Marcus Rivera

Please if you or anyone you know suffers from depression, please seek or assist help for others.

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

Man, this crazy wacko is being missed by all of us. RIP Robin 

Yeahyouhou User

You people as in "you're not one of us"? Uhm... Give it a rest pal...