Robin Williams Gets Autotuned, And It’s Way Better Than You Think

After the death of Robin Williams, the internet was flooded with the saddest tributes imagineable. I’d never seen so many drawings of Aladdin’s genie crying before. But now that some time has passed and most of us are just tired of being so damn sad, it’s time to start celebrating his life. And what better way than creating a song using his most memorable lines set to a beat with the help of some autotune. Enjoy!

Right?? Not bad, not bad at all. Especially since nowadays if I see autotune mentioned anywhere, it gives me a minor headache. But I’m glad I stopped to give this one a shot. Pretty damn catchy.

You can actually buy the track HERE at Melody Sheep’s bandcamp page. I’m certainly considering donating to the guy. Maybe that’ll sorta make up for the fact that I was always too young to donate to Comic Relief.

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