Robert DeNiro Still Loves Using His Flip Phone And Doesn’t Care What You Think

We’re at a point now where the cinematic icons who were the baddest dudes on the planet have turned into just old “dads” who don’t understand today’s music, think Twitter is a type of bird and still use archaic flip phones. And Robert DeNiro is admittedly guilty of using the latter and doesn’t give a sh*t what you have to say about it. At least he doesn’t care–that makes it a little cooler.

DeNiro who is doing a round of interviews for his new movie The Intern sat down with a writer from Vanity Fair and admitted to not having quite crossed over into the smartphone universe just yet…if ever. Unfortunately for DeNiro, it was his co-star Anne Hathaway who revealed the information in the interview when the topic of generational gaps came up.

“Bob, can I out you about something?” she asks before proceeding. “He has a flip phone. We talked about it [on set] when he wasn’t around. We all thought it was cute.”

DeNiro replied to Hathaway’s outting with no other excuse than “They’re easy to use!” He then hit Hathaway on the head like Jimmy Conway with his flip phone for ratting him out. Juuuust kidding.

DeNiro also admitted to avoiding Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and for that, we really can’t blame him. Those sites are total time voids but a smartphone? That’s like having a map to water, but you’d rather use a compass everytime.

Now if only Martin Scorsese would put Robert DeNiro in a scene where he shoves a flip phone down some criminals throat to make them at least kinda feel cool again. Keep doing your thing, DeNiro. That’s what made you cool in the first place.