Robber Put Dollar Signs On Money Bags To Complete Cartoon Robber Look

A man in Olympia, Washington who robbed a Subway restaurant thought it would be a good idea to draw dollar signs on the bags he used to stash the money. 

Police in Olympia arrested 22-year-old David Lingafelter following the robbery in which they recovered the stolen money in bags marked with dollar signs as if he was some kind of character who just stepped out of a cartoon. 

Lingafelter entered the store with a hat and a red bandana on his head (However, he did not have a  a black eye mask or a black and white striped shirt in order to complete his cartoon fashion motif.) He also told the employees not to “do anything funny,” which is hard to ask them to do when you’re one step away from being one of the Beagle Boys from “DuckTales.” 

Police caught up with the suspect when an employee hiding in the back of the store called 911 and reported the robbery. They found the money bag tied to the front of his pants containing the stuff he stole from the Subway as well as other stolen goods. Police charged him with armed robbery and violated the trademark of every robber in every animated series that has ever existed. 

It’s a shame that alcohol wasn’t somehow involved because he probably would have gotten drunk off some bizarre substance in a jug that was marked with three X’s. 

Source: OlympiaWA