John Wayne Gacy Themed Haunted House Room “Insensitive?”

His victims’ families and the prosecutors who sent him to the lethal injection table aren’t happy that a room in haunted house near Chicago features serial killer John Wayne Gacy. The makers of the haunted house say the Gacy room is “funny.” I guess you had to be there… but then I guess you would be dead.

More human than the human.

This week we learned about “killer” clowns terrorizing towns in California. However long before some kids in Bakersfield thought it would be funny to chase after people dressed as a clown holding a baseball bat, a man in the Chicago area was dressing up as “Pogo The Clown” and actually murdering people. You can thank John Wayne Gacy for all the killer clown B-movies that have come out over the last 35 years. Now a fan of B-movies, metal musician and film director Rob Zombie has paid “tribute” to the legacy of John Wayne Gacy by including him in a Halloween haunted house; “Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare.” A 1970’s era room in the haunted house features an actor dressed as Gacy’s Pogo The Clown sitting with two dolls dressed as Boy Scouts. Nice touch.

Well it says it is “sick and twisted” right there!

Gacy was arrested in 1978 for murdering 33 men and stuffing their bodies under the floor boards of his house near Chicago. Many of his victim’s families still live in the area and Gacy’s prosecutor Robert Egan is worried how they will react to it; “It’s not like it’s in some other state where the families would never even hear about it.”  

Just because you stuff people in your crawl space doesn’t mean you have to be messy.

He isn’t arguing  if Rob Zombie has the freedom to create the haunted house, just that it is in “bad taste” and is insensitive considering the proximity to people who had loved ones actually killed by Gacy. I’ve been to one of Rob Zombie’s haunted houses at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights and it was pretty great. If you’re a fan of Zombie’s films or music videos, it’s like stepping inside his tarnished, neon lit, gore filled head. It’s all about Halloween fun and no one would mistake it for attempting to idolize real life murderers or serial killers.

That being said, what do you think? Is the John Wayne Gacy room harmless: “If you don’t like it don’t go?”  Or do we need to remember that these famous serial killers that have become pop culture icons had real victims and Mr. Zombie should remove him from the attraction?

Mr. Zombie also likes wearing face paint.

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