Rob Zombie Fired Back At An Internet Troll And Quickly Won The Battle

Rob Zombie is no dummy. The guy is not only a rock ‘n roll star but a smart business man as well so he’s seen his fair share of critical responses from all types including internet trolls. But one internet troll wasn’t prepared to feel the burn after getting an actual response from the man he decided to call a hipster; Rob Zombie.

The guy’s response came from a post made to Zombie’s facebook page which was a video of him discussing his new horror film titled 31. Not sure if this guy had been asleep since 1996 and just realized Zombie cared more about making movies than music but felt the need to call the guy a hipster nevertheless.

Last we checked, Hipsters are more like something sipping coffee at a juice bar rather than a beach bum in Venice but maybe that’s just this guy’s definition. Or maybe he’s just a bored person with an internet connection. Regardless, let’s hope Zombie’s comeback gave this troll enough of a push to finally shave that dirt neck.